Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Any ethical questions come to mind? Producers / consumers / players? What would such a storyline, played out in reality, mean to organized religion? ... Since I didn't get a chance to say it tonight, thanks to Jennifer Wheeler for spotting this one.


j.wheeler said...

This game is an opportunity to play God; creating life from the primordial and watching it become an advance species. How soon will my little world become chaotic? How much control will I have once my species evolves? If I can control my world as such, would I inevitably destroy it in total frustration? What will this game tell me about myself?

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for Spore for almost 5 years... and it is now going to be in my hands, TOMORROW!

Played out in real life, this would mean the replacing of God.

Of course, the more that scientists play with genetics, cloning, and the inevitable creation of life out of a test tube, this will happen anyway.

The one thing about the game, eventually, you take your race to other planets. And if you do not like them, you get to completely destroy that planet and start over.

The complete genocide of other species, all so that you can start it fresh again by planting your own species on that planet.