Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Moral/ethical courage on MTV?

After comedian Russell Brand ridiculed the Jonas Brothers for their promise/purity rings during the MTV Video Music Awards, one of the presenters who followed, Jordin Sparks, had this to say:

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mike said...

This is kind of a dated post, but I want to share my thoughts on it now that I better understand what is going on in this video clip.

The implication of what this woman is saying is absurd. She is basically suggesting that anyone who does not wear a "promise ring"--a ring, to my understanding, promising to remain abstinent until the government approves of and recognizes a relationship through marriage--or anyone who does not make a similar personal vow is automatically a "slut."

The abstinence-until-marriage crowd tend to convey themselves in a very smug, sanctimonious manner when they suggest that anyone who does not adhere to their beliefs is automatically promiscuous. They fail to realize that not everyone wants to or feels that it is necessary to marry--their relationships are strong enough to last without it. Furthermore, not everyone even CAN marry legally in the first place (same-sex couples being a prime example here).

While the host's remarks were perhaps unfair, they were specifically directed at the Jonas Brothers. This woman's antagonistic comments, on the other hand, refer to anyone that doesn't live the same way she does. There's nothing wrong with making a vow to not have sex until you are married, but she doesn't present that message very fairly in this video. In my opinion, the only courage this already washed-up celebrity (who is she, anyway?) displays here is the courage to look like a complete fool on national television.